The PC Doctor
Who is the....
Professional Background

All of my 21+ years of professional experience are with Laser Systems Inc.  I founded the company with my father in the
early 1980s as a independent computer research support and services firm.

Early on I helped develop, sell, install and then maintain a mathematics / scientific workstation.  The product was built in Great
Britain and I was responsible for the US market.  I worked with major East Coast Universities (Brown, M.I.T; Harvard),
National Science Foundation, N.I.H. and the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston VA, and Menlo Park, CA.  One of my specific
duties was to train our customers in both hardware and software use.

The second phase of Laser Systems involved market research, product selection, procurement and finally export of goods to
European and Middle Eastern distributors and end-user clients.  I was the technical interface between the  international clients
and the US manufacturers.

The third phase of Laser Systems built on the earlier two but concentrated on the domestic market.  Most of our clients were
large health care institutions in Upstate New York and Massachusetts.  Day to day activities included customer relations,
project management, technical support and product procurement.

The current phase of operation concentrates of the local market -Central Vermont.  I offer all the services from the previous
phases but to local customers. Having been in this business since almost the beginning of PC explosion has given me the ability
to decipher the good from the bad -the products that having staying power and those that do not -and a very solid foundation
for support.

While I encounter a variety of new problems every day there are very few that I have not seen over the past 20 years.  This
gives me the ability to resolve issues rapidly and with confidence.  For those areas that are indeed new I have a wealth of
industry contacts developed over a 20 year presence in this field, both domestic and international, that I can tap.  If I don't
have an immediate solution to your problem, I will be able to get you an answer in a very short period of time.
In addition to my regular work/business I have also:

Taught (1999-2003) Computer Troubleshooting & Repair at the Barre Regional Vocational Technical Center.

I am part of the U61 School District (Barre City/Town -comprised of Barre Town Middle and Elementary School, Barre
City Middle and Elementary School, Spaulding High School and The Barre Regional Vocational Technical Center)
Support team
maintaining over 1,500 computer systems, both PC and MAC.

I am on the Barre Town Elementary School
Technology Committee.
"           "    U61 Supervisory Union
Technology Committee.
Barre Regional Vocational Technical Center's
Technology Advisory Council.

I am providing photography services to local schools and youth sports groups, private businesses and private individuals for
wedding and non formal occasions.