History 101.... from 1984 to 2005
Laser Systems Inc. (LSI) was formed in the early Eighties as a technical support firm for computer users. It's founder
had come up through technical and management positions at several major US computer companies: Honeywell, Wang,
ComputerVision and Sanders Technologies. The last 12 years before the LSI formation he had been on assignments in
several European countries to set up and manage computer marketing and support subsidiaries, providing the link between
users in Europe and their US-based suppliers.
In its early years the new LSI company functioned in effect, as the US-based office for a group of European computer
distributors and several large endusers. The key activities included: continuing research in and about the US computer
market, evaluate new products for potential use in Europe, negotiate supply agreements including distributorships with
various US manufacturers, act as buyer and exporter of selected products for our clients in Europe. As the link between
the far-off buyer and the US makers a great deal of time was spent in problem resolution, technical-operational-logistics.
Over the years as the PC industry matured (as PCs graduated from being toys for nerds to useful productivity tools for
business) our international middleman function became slowly redundant. The American manufacturers, hardware and
software, set up their own organizations in Europe; the European established their own offices here.
With that development we began shifting our marketing focus to large domestic users. They all had their own in-house IT
staffs. These were, by necessity, application oriented; how to get the firm's processing requirements most effectively
handled with the computing tools in the market at any given time. On an outsourcing basis we became the supplier of
market intelligence, up-to-date product know-how, familiarity with the ever changing distribution channel "to get the
greatest bang for the buck". Here again, resolving problems speedily and efficiently became a primary function. Our 20
years of daily hands-on experience means that few problems come up that we have not encountered before and can
therefore resolve immediately. The few that are new can readily be solved through our direct contacts at the technical
support staffs of most manufacturers.
A partial list of international firms that we have worked closely with in either a supply or support function:
SYSDAT GmbH, Köln, Germany
SEH GmbH, Eschborn, Germany
Schwind Datentechnik GmbH, Germany (no longer active)
CCS, AG; Urdorf, Switzerland (no longer active)
SYSTREND Számítástechnikai Rt, Budapest, Hungary
Advent Data Products, Melksham, U.K.  (no longer active)

Schweizer BUND (Swiss Army)
Schweizer Versicherung, AG
Amnesty International, Switzerland
King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology, University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Rabigh Refinery, Saudiaramco, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mellon Bank, HQ Pittsburgh, PA
US Geological Survey, Reston VA & Menlo Park, CA
Buffalo General Hospital
Degraff Memorial Hospital
Millard Filmore Hospital