Local (Central Vermont) freelance photographer for hire....

Fully digital setup.  What does digital give you that a traditional
photographer does not?

With current technology the quality of the images is superior to
standard 35m photos and indistinguishable from full-format
The biggest benefit is that you receive the
original pictures, on CD, for the price quoted.    <-click

A traditional photographer retains the original negative and
extracts additional payments every time you want a reprint.  
Every print you receive is copyrighted to the professional
photographer and you cannot have copies made without prior

Now with a second location in Central Germany.  See contact
info below.
LSI - P h o t o
A picture is worth a thousand words:
Weddings...      starting at $500.00 (central VT)
Sports ...           Single person shots $ 65.00 (10+ pix from one game)
General Purpose Nature Shots...
         starting at $100 for 8 x 10 framed/matted print.
         samples on "General Purpose" page.
Sample Prices
Contact Info:
In the USA
John Sell
phone: 802-272-0950
In Central Germany
Linda Steil
phone: 06183-18155
Please check out sample photos on the linked
pages.  All of these images are copyprotected
and carry imbedded digital watermarks.